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The brand


Combining a contemporary aesthetic with an eye for quality and craftsmanship,

the brand is home to a unique diversity of patterns and prints. The designs reflect

a broad spectrum of moods and ideas, from reinventions of time-honoured motifs, such as florals and checks, to pieces that capture a bold and playful attitude or

a more poetic sentiment. Underpinning the creative process is a desire to create products that will stand the test of time. Drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources – both tangible and ephemeral – the collection is inspired by the creative interpretation of everyday life, the interconnectedness of nature, art and society,

and the interplay of tradition and modernity.

The scarves


An eclectic range of printed silk scarves that radiates energy, exuberance, freedom and optimism. A classic accessory reimagined for the contemporary wardrobe.

Sold individually, the pieces can be knotted together and worn as pairs for a wilder and more playful look. The designs are rich in harmonious correspondences and defiant associations. Offering a colour, pattern or motif for every mood and occasion, the prints are intended to delight and inspire, to be mixed and matched, and worn as a statement of individuality. 


In photographs inspired by the art of reinvention, a single model assumes different personas. All that changes is her attire. She wears a combination of new and old designs, second-hand or vintage. An ode to the enduring nature of timeless design and the joy of creating a wardrobe from the clothes that already exist. Sustainability at its best. 


Every scarf is created with passion, care and attention to detail. Imagined in Belgium and made in Italy, the designs are numbered. An elegant gift box is also available. 

The designer

Claudia Latruwe is a Belgian designer and illustrator who specialises in prints and textiles. A passion for mixing moods and a firm belief in the enduring qualities of iconic design, both the outspoken and classical, defines her work. Committed to producing beautiful objects in a responsible and ethical way, she is an advocate

of zero-waste manufacturing and small-batch production. To this end, she selects materials with high sustainability credentials and collaborates exclusively with European factories, suppliers and artisans. Claudia’s singular vision and love of colour are the connecting threads that bind a wealth of ideas and references into

a coherent and expressive universe. 

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